These 5 Benefits of Fasting Monday Thursday for Health

Monday posts are not only religious rituals. Besides supporting spiritual needs, the Monday to Thursday post also has a number of health benefits. Although identical to Muslim rituals, it seems that this method is also carried out by many interfaith and cultural communities.

Thursday’s fasting has features and methods similar to diet 5: 2. This diet method requires users to limit their calorie intake two days a week.

This 5: 2 diet is more like a lifestyle or diet than other diet methods, such as a diet with ketofatosis which prohibits carbohydrate consumption. There is no limit to the type of food that needs to be consumed, which is important for you to be disciplined and keep maintaining a balanced nutritional intake.

Monday to Thursday and a 5: 2 diet are considered effective in weight loss and control of blood sugar production. Obviously, apart from these two benefits, there are still many other “miracles” that you can get if you run regularly on Monday Bandar Judi Online.

What are the health benefits of Monday? Look at the full review, supported by the following expert search results and testimonials.

Monday posts can prolong life
Restrictions on food consumption at certain time intervals, such as Monday’s post, have affected an increase in life expectancy, while making the body perfect during old age.

The statement was supported by the results of a study published in The Harvard Gazette. The study states that fasting can help slow the aging process by preventing the development of age-related diseases. Someone who usually feeds at some point tends to be in better condition and shows no signs of premature aging like those who do not maintain a diet.

Add memory
Mark Mattson, a researcher at the Neuroscience Laboratory of the National Institute of Aging, who evaluates posts can also help sharpen memory. Mattson and his team examined the effects of diet and restless stomach. As a result, fasting produces little oxidative stress and can help nerve cells repair damage to oxidative DNA.

Fasting and a diet rich in fat, such as ketamine, are also regulated to protect the brain from the potential for Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. Those who are disciplined in carrying out this type of diet are also considered more concentrated and have more memory capacity.

Reduce the potential for a heart attack
Research published in the British Journal of Medicine shows that people who regularly have a lower risk of heart attack.

The results showed a decrease in systolic pressure in participants involved in this study. What is meant by systolic pressure is the pressure that blood vessels receive when the heart beats. Participants who did not do it quickly tended to show an increase in systolic blood pressure.

A decrease in systolic pressure has a direct effect on reducing pressure on the arteries, which reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Reduce the growth of several cancer cells
Cancer is a disease characterized by abnormal cell growth. Although classified as a difficult disease to treat, the negative effects of cancer cell growth can be reduced by fasting. A series of studies related to this statement are still based on the results of experiments on several animals and cellular models.

However, other experimental results show that cancer patients who have a duration of 8-10 hours before routine treatment do not feel pain, weakness or indigestion during treatment.

Reduction of insulin resistance and risk of type 2 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is now more numerous and more common among patients of various ages and environments. Insulin resistance or decreased insulin function is one of the trigger factors for type 2 diabetes. Many posts are recommended by health professionals as a therapeutic method to reduce insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Based on research, the body of human sleep reduces blood sugar by 5-6%. This study also shows that fasting can protect the kidneys from damage, which is one of the complications of diabetes.

These 5 Benefits of Fasting Monday Thursday for Health


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