Some Rules for Drinking Juice

Fruit juice is one way to meet the needs of vitamins and minerals that are useful for increasing disease immunity. But don’t treat it inappropriately, so that the body gets the greatest benefit. Obviously, drinking juice is a rule that juice has the highest value for health.

Drinking juice helps us to enjoy fruit in a practical way. We can use various fruits without having to eat one by one. The body with juice also absorbs nutrients more easily. So juice is a healthy and practical drink.

Improper treatment of juice, wrong time or wrong way to see juice makes juice less valuable to the body. In order for this fresh drink to be in vain, several rules regarding the use of drinks include :

Acidic juice is not for the morning
Is it good to open a day to drink juice in the morning? In fact, this morning is the best time to drink juice, because fruit juice contains lots of water and fiber which will be beneficial for digestion. To avoid pain in the stomach, avoid sour fruit in the morning. Bananas, papaya, apples or carrots are the right choice for fruit in the morning.

Juice is not a substitute for food
When you are on a diet or for health, you can replace dinner with a glass of juice. However, this does not mean that breakfast and lunch only drink juice to lose weight. Nutritional needs must still be met by other foods. The fruit will not be able to meet the needs of 1800 kcal, which is the minimum number of calories that must be filled in one day. As a result, the immune system will weaken.

Even though the weight can drop dramatically, it will quickly rise when eating to its original standard. Because drinking juice does not reduce fat, it only reduces water in the body Casino Online.

Juice is not a substitute for fruit
Drinking juice Consumption of juice continuously, without using direct fruit is not good. This can increase. The need for fresh fruit consumption is further beneficial for the stomach, because in the process of chewing the stomach will work and burn about 20 kcal. So, they still enjoy fresh fruit, not all can be replaced with juice.

The juice is drunk with porridge
If juice is used with a juicer, cellulose will be separated. Even though it sounds bad, don’t throw the fruit into small pieces. If you use a blender, don’t force it to only get water, let it mash and drink. In fruit pulp there are fiber and vitamins, and the most common is vitamin C. This is very useful for the body.

Don’t keep juice too long
The juice made must be drunk immediately. Make juice, which you take only in the afternoon or at night, reducing the benefits of juice. Existing vitamins can be damaged by oxygen and ultraviolet rays that are around us. If you can’t use the juice directly, you can do this so that the juice is cooler and then store it in a tightly closed aluminum bottle. Cold conditions and light protection help maintain vitamins in juice for 4 hours.

Juice is not always low in calories
This does not mean that all fruits are low in calories and will help your diet. Fruits, such as avocados, jackfruit and durion, are high-calorie fruits, around 200 kcal. If you want low-calorie juices, you can choose oranges, apples, melons, watermelons, or pears that contain around 80 kcal calories. If you are overweight, you should choose low-calorie fruit juices.

Juice is not always fertile
Vegetables can be processed into juice. The bitter taste of vegetables can be overcome by combining vegetables with fruits so that they have a fresh taste.

Not only vegetables, juice can be a combination of fruit and spices. For example, adding ginger that can warm the body also increases endurance. You can also add cinnamon to your juice.

Juice with fresh fruit
For maximum efficiency, use fresh fruit or fresh vegetables. Not because you see fruit or vegetables begin to dry up, why finally make juice. This will reduce the quality of the juice.

Juice with several varieties
Don’t just prepare fruit juice. For example, because you like oranges, every day the juice you drink is just orange juice. Replace with other fruits that have different vitamins and minerals, so the body benefits. Combining more fruit in a glass of juice is a practical way to give the body more benefits in one bite. A mixture of oranges and apples, bananas and apples, carrots and tomatoes or apples and grapes is a combination that can be tried because it provides more benefits at once.

Some Rules for Drinking Juice


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