Kidney physical disorders are important for the system so that the body works the kidneys. Grief will always be able to participate in the body’s health defenses.

Exercise regularly
Apart from that, and practicing this art is able to lay down heart health, reduce the risk of increasing blood pressure. Is that an exercise to prevent weight gain.

Eat healthy food
Disease affected by diseases such as diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to change the composition of healthy eating habits balanced nutrition. Eating healthy foods can help control weight.

To maintain the stability of blood sugar levels
Many examples of cases of diabetes complications from cases of kidney damage. The key is that as a blood sugar level for diabetics, because they check forever. In the morning he is found and helps prevent kidney damage. Check with your doctor and pharmacist for blood glucose test results Situs Bola.

For stable blood pressure
That is deep blood pressure that can cause strokes and heart attacks, not only, but also kidney damage.

Reducing salt intake
Keeping sodium intake should not exceed 2,300 milligrams per day, one cannot help to reduce the risk of increasing blood pressure. Reducing salt intake can take food consumption and process it. Prepare and cook food and ingredients that can be eaten consumption of fresh food.

Consumption of mineral water is growing
According to research, to help the kidneys to excrete sodium consumes a lot of fluids, urea and toxins from the body to reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease. No accurate information for fluid intake is the most almost every day. However, according to the study, 2 liters of mineral water consumed a day can reduce the risk of damage to kidney function.

He quit smoking, consumed alcohol
Smoking slows blood flow to the kidneys. If the blood of a small ex has reached, no one interferes with the ability to do good deeds. risk of kidney cancer from smoking and the result can be almost 50%. Avoid alcohol consumption also helps keep kidneys healthy.

Avoid consumption of fat from drugs
Regularly take NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory diseases), such as ibuprofen, sodium dikofenal and others, for a long period of time can cause kidney damage. A person with a healthy kidney, and only those who observe them has the opportunity, on behalf of the company not to use NSAIDs to increase the risk of kidney damage. With arthritis and chronic pain people painkillers, for the need to regularly monitor kidney condition or function are their own.



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