Children’s Nutrition : How to Get a Child to Eat Healthy Foods

Now getting your kids and children to eat healthy can sometimes be a task and a chore but remember what children see is typically what they do, so first and foremost be a good role model when children see you enjoying fruits and vegetables and whole grains they’re going to be more likely to enjoy.

Children's Nutrition

Those things themselves also eat together when it when possible when we divide our meals up and we’re all scattered all over the place it’s hard to actually see these impressions, so when you can sit down as a family or even just you and your child they will actually see your expression and see you really enjoying the taste and flavor of these healthy foods, and therefore they see and realize that they can like them.

As well also introduce a new food only one at a time this gives your child the chance to really think about that food and experience it on its own sometimes it can be overwhelming, so one food at a time is an easy way for a child to test things out also keep in mind they may not like it at first so oftentimes you compare this new food with something they also like that way.

They enjoy something on the side but can still take in this new food it typically takes about 10 tries before a child really knows if they like a food or not, also let them be involved take them to the grocery store make it a game have them choose a new food to try each week, and remember help let them cook as well.

They like to be adventurous and like to be participated so the more you can incorporate the entire eating experience the more they’ll get out of it at the end so again be a good role model involve the children and remember, sometimes just patience is better than pressure. For more information on healthy eating for kids check out the others articles, and happy eating.

Children's Nutrition : How to Get a Child to Eat Healthy Foods


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