Benefits of Celery For Health

Judi Online – Celery is raw or cooked vegetables. Celery, usually used as food paint. However, celery, celery juice, along with the application of the first fire. the body’s consumption of cold food juices regularly is a good step. Hemp juice has a low calorie content.

Nutritional Of Celedry
Celery juice contains 40 calories and nutrients :

  • water
  • Vitamins A, K and 100
  • Beta carotene
  • flavonoids
  • Fitonutrein
  • calcium
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • Phosphor
  • potassium
  • the benefits of celery juice
  • Moisturizes the skin and has a lot of parsley. At this point, celery juice and other benefits.

Drop blood pressure
Research, celery extract, shows that the benefits of hypertension. Celery reduces the level of stress hormones in blood non-organic compounds need phthalides. the walls of the blood vessels or tissues of the potassium root of her potassium to rest satisfied with what she has in an important role. To reduce the risk of a cardiovascular system in return for meeting difficulties, which is able to improve health, and blood pressure blood.

Cholesterol reduction
Can reduce cholesterol by the amount of research showing that consumption of parsley. organic phthalides to stimulate bile and cholesterol. Be careful to only use blood vessel walls to decrease to reduce the plaque Den. These health conditions and help to maintain the cardiovascular system.

parsley and 100 vitamins, fiber and organic compounds need to maintain heart health.

Don’t want to plaster the pain
Celery reduces swelling and pain around the bones joining together for the same reason as anti-inflammation. Thus, arthritis, consumed by humans suffering from gout, parsley. Celery helps the body remove acid crystals from the effects of urate urine.

And it will be in the immune system
The vitamin content is high than 100, celery will help boost the immune system. Contact eating vegetables can reduce the risk of infectious diseases and influenza C.

The physical, protect
The work of bees in the body of antioxidants in every direction, is not a single cause of fire and all-intrusive.

they are cautious about preventing urinary tract infections
Among women, however, celery, a diuretic effect can be very useful for the prevention of urinary tract infections and kidney problems.

Lose weight
Integer loss of the diet to drink celery juice. low calorie and high fiber content of celery juice. As a result, they can often help reduce excess stomach and overeating.

Liquid equilibrium
Maintain the body’s moisture balance to help bee sodium, potassium minerals.

Benefits of Celery For Health


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