5 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

Today we’re going to talk about weight loss. I know this is something we think about a lot and probably stress about way more than we should, so I’m sharing my top 5 healthy ways to lose weight. Healthy is important tips for losing weight before that though on do you notice anything different,so I’m feeling super inspired and I really do want to share these tips with you guys because there are so many unhealthy ways to lose weight, but at the end of the day if you want it to be something that lasts long-term.

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

You have to do it the right way and the right way is the healthy way, so if you’re trying to lose a few extra lbs wet that thumbs up button by giving it a click, so most of the tips for today are going to be nutrition based but I do have one really important workout tip for you and think about it this way if you have done my Oreo challenge. You know how hard it is and that’s just to burn off one Oreo, so if you are gonna eat bad foods you have to really think about burning all those crazy calories just to like land in an even spot versus even trying to lose weight.

it’s a lot of work so you’re better option is eating healthier making better choices and then working out and then voila that healthy ways to lose weight actually starts to happen. So my number one tip, this is if nothing else the most important thing you could ever possibly do and that is to give up fad diets for good like forever, I don’t want you trying anything crazy, you cannot out train a bad diet. There’s a lot of debate about calories and calories out, but really it comes down to the quality of the food and how you’re eating a nourishing your body throughout the day.

I know I’ve tried pretty much every fad diet there is and when I was in high school I did a no carb diet all the time I cycle on and off of it, so if you look through like especially my senior year photos, I like really big and then I got really skinny and then I get big and get really skinny that’s because your body needs carbohydrates in these proteins carbs and fats, those are your three things that you absolutely have to have every single day and when you don’t have them your body doesn’t get very happy. You might lose some weight specially if you cut out those carbs for a moment, but that’s not something that’s going to last a long time and we want stuff that’s gonna last long term.

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The other problem is when you start reintroducing those carbs back into your diet all of a sudden you start gaining weight your body’s freaking out, trying to hold on to them and store them, because it doesn’t know if it’s ever gonna get them again. So going on and off those cycles is terrible no more we’re ditching the fad diets. With the fad diets is it can really cause serious metabolic issues, like I was talking about when you’re going on and off things your body’s like what’s happening, so it’s better if you’re consistent and you’re consistently fueling your body. The way it wants to be fueled it’s going to use it, it’s going to burn it and you’ll lose that fat that you don’t want.

The number 2, thing you need to do if you’re trying to lose weight is drink more water. I know this can be really hard for a lot of people. I love water so this isn’t something I struggle with, but I hear from so many girls like it’s just a challenge should get like a couple glasses of water a day and if you’re trying to lose weight and just to be able to function, if you’re working out you need anywhere from like one and a half liters to three liters of water a day.

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

So you really should be drinking it things like adding strawberries or other fruit lemon lime into your water mint to infuse it, so that you get a little more flavor or even adding a little mineral water so you get that carbonation, if that’s something that you’re used to can be really helpful to help you hit your mark and make sure you’re staying hydrated and the great thing about drinking plenty of water, is it actually can help boost your metabolism to up to about 3 percent and another ways to get healthy. So definitely worth chugging it down OK.

If you’re not sure if you’re drinking enough water or if you think you might be drinking too much water, you’re gonna have to look in the bowl and I know but you want your pee to be the color of like a really light lemonade, almost a lime aid so it has a little kind of hue of yellow but just a little bit. So you don’t want it like really oh that’s not enough water and if it’s clear completely then you’re probably drinking too much water, so try to find somewhere in the middle.

Number 3 for healthy ways to lose weight is don’t skip dessert. I know you’re trying to lose weight skipping dessert sounds like I probably should be doing that, but here’s the thing if you are completely restricting yourself just like we talked about earlier when we’re talking about like the fad diets. All you’re going to think about is that thing that you can’t have, so if you’re like I can’t ever have sweets or I can’t ever have dessert then you’re gonna want dessert more and more and more and when you do have it you’re probably gonna binge and go way overboard and have way more than you should.

So when I’m talking about dessert, I mean things like maybe a little bite of dark chocolate has great antioxidants for you, just small amounts of sugar but I like real legit dark chocolate like 80 percent cocoa and then I also love taking plain Greek yogurt and adding like almond butter or peanut butter like a tablespoon and mixing it together and in my for work meal plan, that’s coming out soon. I have that as part of your meals throughout the day and so when I’m eating on that what I’ll do instead of eating it like midday I swap them around and I eat it as dessert at night.

So that peanut butter or almond butter just add some more flavor to it you get the fats and then the protein from the yogurt which helps you sleep too. The other thing about healthy ways to lose weight with thinking about desserts at night, keep them healthy keep it clean and make sure you keep them small. We’re not talking about like a giant bowl of ice cream or something if you are gonna indulge keep it in check number four eat lean proteins at every meal, so I like to eat five to six small meals a day. So we’re talking like meals not like meals and I always have protein but it doesn’t have to be animal protein.

5 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight


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