5 Easy To Do Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Today, I want to tell you my five easy lifestyle changes, and these are healthy lifestyle changes that I have made within the past few months that have really improved my overall like feeling. I feel really good, I feel really energized and I haven’t done any working out, but I still maintained a pretty good weight and I’ve also lost a little bit of weight, as well not saying that you will lose weight if you do these steps, but I’m just sharing them with you, for those of you who maybe are not ready to work out like me.

Easy To Do Healthy Lifestyle Changes

I know I need to get back in the gym but I’m just like whatever right now. So the first easy way that you can change your lifestyle to be more healthy is drink more water and for me, I like never used to drink water like that, but now if I get hungry in the morning like when I first wake up, drink a glass of water first and then see if you’re still hungry and then you can eat because a lot of the times you’re thirsty and you’re not hungry but you don’t realize that, also if you replace like soda and juices with water you will just overall feel better and you’ll also see some inches fall off of you.

I challenge you all to double the amount of water that you drink on a daily, and I’m thirsty right now so I’m going to drink a little bit of water right now and for me the reason that I didn’t drink water before is I didn’t like the way that it tastes, but the more water you drink the more you’ll acquire a taste for it.

Alright the second healthy lifestyle change that you can do is, if you’re a coffee drinker I know you’re probably going to look at me with the side eye but drink tea instead of coffee. I have never liked coffee so I’ve always drink tea, but I have been in love and love with my flat tummy tea, y’all know that I have been using flat tummy tea now for almost a year. So I absolutely love it, I drink it every month, I always always drink my active in the morning. I love it, it gives me energy for the day, it boosts my metabolism and it just reduces bloating. You don’t know that bloating is a serious thing for me.

Basically it is just a detox tea, it does have two different steps like I said I love the activate every morning to give me energy, but there is also a cleanse and the cleanse is what’s going to make you really use the bathroom and you are going to see a reduction and the size of your stomach due to bloating, only a lot of you are like you lose weight with this and the answer to that is no but you can reduce the bloating of your stomach, and you can get a lot of energy from the activate tea and it’s going to be way less calories than drinking coffee every morning.

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I can drink both of these without adding any sugar or honey to it, that’s the one thing that I change for a more healthy lifestyle. I used to love drinking tea every morning but I always had to add a ton of sugar and a ton of honey but I loved the taste of these it has like a minty taste. So it definitely is really good and it gives you that energy for the day.

So the third healthy lifestyle change that you can make is take the stairs instead of the elevator everywhere. Where I live there’s an elevator but I always make sure that I take the stairs up and down whenever I can, also if you’re going to like the mall or someone with a lot of stairs take the stairs don’t take the elevator. You know what I’m saying like those steps because you’re not working out will help you to gain a little bit of muscle and it will keep your heartrate flowing. So it’s just something easy ways to get healthy that you can do that you probably don’t think about, but it is a healthy lifestyle change.

So the fourth thing for me is taking a daily multivitamin. I have never really taken vitamins but when you add them to your routine every day it does give you energy, it does make you feel better because it gives you those nutrients that you may be lacking from the lack of vegetables or whatever eating for the day. So I highly recommend adding a multivitamin to your diet.

If you’re not already taking one, so the fifth easy healthy lifestyle change that you can make is eating smaller portion and I have always ate like really big Mills I love to eat. at least I did love to eat, I still love to eat but I’ve really reduced the amount that I eat and I find that has really helped me to maintain a good weight and just overall feel healthy. I’m not overeating y’all know when you over eat it just makes you feel like really tired, really sluggish, but if you eat smaller portions still getting the right amount of calories that you’re getting. I don’t count calories, I don’t believe in that light ain’t nobody had time to be sitting here counting calories to diet or lose weight but reducing the amount that you eat it will greatly improve just your overall health and everything if you find that you overeat. So I hope that you all enjoyed this article.

5 Easy To Do Healthy Lifestyle Changes


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